To be disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ as we seek his Kingdom together.


Kingdom Focused

We are focused on and committed to building God’s eternal kingdom and His Church. The Church is to build up, encourage, deepen and strengthen believers with a view of the unified body of Christ. As a royal priesthood, we all share in the responsibility and privilege of proclaiming His praises to the world, His Kingdom coming to the world. We do not exist to benefit only our gathering but rather God’s larger, corporate Church. To that end it is essential that we build partnerships with other gatherings of the Church, supporting and benefiting from what we each have to offer, functioning in communion rather than competition. As we pray for God’s Kingdom to come on earth, we look for opportunities to be His light in the world by loving extravagantly, proclaiming the truth, and engaging the culture with the Gospel.

Missional and Multiplying

Our goal is always to expand the Kingdom by reaching the lost and growing the Church. We look to bring the light and hope of the gospel into the conversations of the culture and love our neighbors with the love of Jesus. Our hope is to plant new churches and partner in church planting initiatives as a means of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Real, Rooted, and Relevant Worship

Our worship is born out of response to God’s character and steadfast love. We approach Him in love, awe, brokenness, and humility, and we surrender ourselves to Him as an expression of worship. Our worship is real in the sense that we are free before Him and one another to honestly and authentically express our need and love for Him. Our worship is rooted in the Word of God, the sacraments instituted by Jesus, and the practices of the historical church. And our worship is relevant in that it is in the modern language and context of the people. It is accessible and relatable.

Extravagant in Mercy

In light of the extravagant mercy we have received from God, we seek to be agents of his mercy in the world. We participate in God’s work of setting captives free, remembering that we ourselves are freed captives. We look for opportunities to show mercy to one another and to the lost, hurting, and destitute.

Life Together

Recognizing that the way we live together in the Church is a powerful means of proclaiming the gospel, we seek to uphold the unity of the Body as much as it depends on us (Rom. 12:18). We seek to extend forgiveness to others – inside and outside of the Body – when we are wronged and ask for forgiveness when we have wronged others (Eph. 4:32). We share life together daily supporting, encouraging, and building one another up.


As a body we practice listening to God and discerning His will and direction together. We value praying together. We surrender our cares to the Lord and allow Him to speak into our lives. We listen to one another as a way to know, care for, and pray for one another. As we listen to one another God speaks to and through His people. In this way we grow together in love and knowledge of Him.

Family Oriented and Multi-Generational

We seek to uphold, encourage, and strengthen families. Both adults and children are essential participants in corporate worship. Intergenerational connections strengthen the Body, bring enthusiasm and wisdom, and deepen our faith. We believe God welcomes every believer, no matter his or her stage of life or stage of faith, as an active member of the Body of Christ.

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